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4880 Route 42 North



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Puff Away Your Tension With Exclusive Smoking Pipes

Invest in our premium selection of pipes to take your smoking experience to an altogether different level. We aim to provide the highest quality of pipes in different size, materials, and colors that helps you unwind and enhance your relaxation.

Satisfying your cravings for the perfect smoke

Find gorgeous and totally mind-blowing pipe designs you've been looking for at Puff N Pipe. You'll find everything from simple glass pipes to exotic wooden ones.


Talk to our friendly staff for more information on quality pipes and accessories. We also store a large selection of premium

and domestic cigars, roll-your-own tobacco, and hookah

shisha flavors.

Our increasing pipe selection

  • Glass tobacco water pipes

  • Glass water pipes

  • Wood tobacco pipes

  • Metal tob

  • Pipes

Make a difference with premium pipes. You can find us at 4880 Route 42 North, Turnersville, NJ and 2001 College Drive, Suite 8B, Clementon, NJ.

We're open on weekends.

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A pipe can prove to be the perfect way to enjoy your smoke in a discreet manner. Our pipes are available in variety of sizes, which enables you to carry it easily at all times.

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We are locally owned with 2 locations to better serve you!

Serving South Jersey.

"I’ve been going to Puff N Pipe for years. Any questions can be answered by their informative staff. Great people, great selection and great prices!"